Career Spotlight: Loss Control Specialist

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Loss Control SpecialistLooking for a career in insurance, but unsure where to start? Learning more about specific career pathways can be helpful while you are brainstorming which type of career would be a good fit for you. Let us explore the career pathway of a career you may not already know about, that of a Loss Control Specialist.

 What do they do?

Loss Control Specialists are responsible for planning and directing policies, procedures, or systems to prevent the loss of assets. They determine risk exposure or potential liability, and develop risk control measures.

What are some of the job duties?

  • Identifying potential for loss and developing strategies to eliminate it.
  • Advising managers on compliance with applicable codes, laws, regulations, or standards.
  • Administering systems and programs to reduce loss, maintain inventory control, or increase safety.
  • Training loss prevention staff, retail managers, or store employees on loss control and prevention measures.
  • Providing users with technical support for computer problems.
  • Assessing security needs across locations to ensure proper deployment of loss prevention resources, such as staff and technology.

What are some of the most important occupational skills for this career?

Some of the basic skills that are most important to be successful in this career field are active listening, speaking and reading comprehension. In addition, it is necessary to have problem solving skills and time management skills and be able to instruct and coordinate with colleagues and others on tasks. For a full list of important occupational skills for a loss control specialist, view the career pathway.

 What education is required?

To begin as an entry level Loss Control Specialist a bachelor’s degree is required. To advance to a Senior Loss Control Specialist one must have multiple years’ work experience and complete employer recommended certifications. The title of Loss Control Executive can be gained after many years of experience.

How much does this job pay?

Loss Control Specialists’ average salary in Ohio is $99,030. Entry level positions can start in the $30,000 range and exceed $100,000 at the executive level.

This career and many others in the insurance industry are out there waiting for you. Explore and check out our resources along with our detailed Career Pathways that highlight 30 different insurance careers! Find the perfect insurance career for you.


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