3 Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor in the Insurance Industry

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Mentors play an instrumental role in shaping young minds.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or a few months into your career, having a mentor can help you develop both personally and professionally. 

Mentorships are also mutually beneficial. They help mentors give back and improve listening skills, while mentees learn potential pathways and leadership skills. 

Are you debating whether you should find a mentor as you enter the insurance industry? Below, we present three benefits. 

3 Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor in Insurance

1. Identify a clear career path.  

From research and development to law and regulation, insurance career options are limitless. While researching jobs, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of available insurance career paths. A professional mentor can help you identify which aligns with your interests and skills based on previous experience and education. 

For instance, if you think you have what it takes to excel in claims, talk with your professional mentor about typical jobs duties. What technical skills are needed to succeed? What’s the best advice they heard when they first started in claims?

Asking questions helps you identify advancement opportunities early in your career. 

2. Build your network. 

Networking is important in all aspects of business, especially insurance. Agents seek new leads and clients. A mentor can connect you with referrals to develop your clientele, strengthening your personal brand and increasing growth opportunities.  

Additionally, an insurance mentor can introduce you to other working professionals at industry events. Between conferences and seminars, you can connect with established insurers and employers to win peer respect as you enter the workforce. 

3. Research available jobs, internships and certifications. 

Did you know that by 2020, the Ohio insurance industry is projected to have nearly 30,000 available positions? Despite a shortage of experienced professionals, positions in insurance remain competitive. Employers are on the hunt for top talent with a wide range of specializations to help execute daily operations.  

Insurance mentors help recent graduates and new hires research available jobs, internships and certifications in interest areas. The result? A career that matches your goals and aspirations, instead of settling for the first opportunity available. 

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