3 Traits Millennials Have That Make Them Perfect for Insurance Careers

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Millennials make up more than 35 percent of the workforce today according to Pew Research Center’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.  Unfortunately, millennials have been plagued with negative stereotypes. They have been labeled as entitled, lazy, and narcissistic. But what is not often portrayed to society are the positive attributes of millennials. They are tech savvy, goal oriented, and they care about doing good for society. Millennials’ positive attributes pair perfectly with the insurance industry’s immediate needs for quality employees.

They are Tech Savvy

In our current world, technology is everywhere. With the digital advancement of society, the insurance industry needs fresh and innovative minds to keep them current and relevant. With the prevalence of social media, data mining, and ad targeting, the traditional way of doing business will need to be challenged. New, more technology focused, solutions will need to be in the forefront. Insurance companies are updating the way they operate. They are integrating technology in every insurance process, from shopping for policies, to making a claim.

Who better to take on the challenge of bringing a long-standing industry into the present and future than millennials? Millennials grew up in the height of the emergence of cell phones, computers, and the internet. They have grown with the technology. The technological knowledge they have, simply from exposure, puts them at an advantage to come up with new and innovative ways to shape the future of insurance.

They are Goal Oriented

Millennials dislike the thought of settling in any area of their life. Therefore, they like to set goals and go out and make them happen. They like being rewarded for their hard work. It is important for millennials to have measurable goals so that they are able to prove that their goals have been met

Success in an insurance career is normally quite tangible. Setting a goal such as “creating customized policies for 10 new clients” can be clearly measured. Because of the ability to measure, show work progress, and prove that goals have been met, a case can be built for greater compensation or a promotion enabling them to advance.

They Care About Doing Good for Society

The millennial age group is looking for careers with purpose. They want to make an impact on society and feel good about what they do for a living. They are not as concerned with the profit that the company they work for is turning over, but more so the impact their role is making on their communities.

Millennials working in insurance can feel good about what they do. Insurance provides peace of mind and a sense of security to handle the unexpected. It is apparent that insurance makes a positive impact on people’s lives and on the community. Given the nature of insurance, most companies also engage in outside of office volunteer opportunities or fundraising for causes the company or their employees care about. The philanthropy piece is another feel-good reason insurance can fulfil millennials’ desire to give back.

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