4 College Majors that Could Lead to a Career in Insurance

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Many colleges and universities in Ohio and around the nation have added insurance degrees or certificates to their curriculums to fit the growing demand for insurance careers. But there are also some careers that don’t require an insurance-specific degree that are still in demand within the industry. There are so many different jobs within the insurance industry, and a variety of skills and experiences are needed to fill them. The following are some careers often found in the insurance industry.


If you have a law degree or are considering going to law school, no matter what your undergrad major is, the insurance industry is a viable career option. Attorneys play a vital role in insurance. Insurance companies consult attorneys for legal advice regarding transactions, policies, and business decisions. Insurance companies want to be sure they are helping their clients while staying within the law.


A business major prepares you for a wide variety of career options in nearly any industry. The breadth of classes you take can include everything from management and HR to accounting. In insurance, having a degree in business is invaluable. A business degree can help you land some of the most in-demand jobs in Ohio, such as accounting or working as an insurance agent. Business classes focus on how to run a business as well as customer service, sales, and finance, all of which are key skills that are needed in the insurance industry.

Computer Programming

When you think about working in insurance, computer programming may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, insurance companies need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in our ever-changing world. They need application programmers to develop specialized tools and software for use by both companies and their clients. Web designers are also valuable to the industry. In order to attract and retain clientele, companies need websites that are attractive, functional, and responsive. Some insurance companies also have corresponding apps that allow clients to pay bills, check their coverage, contact their agent, and more.


Mathematical skills are crucial in some of the most important roles in the insurance industry. For instance, actuaries need to be able to analyze data and statistics and develop formulas to determine rates and predict risk and liability. Insurance companies need actuaries to help design insurance and benefit plans, and they use their financial knowledge to maximize returns. Actuaries are essential to keep insurance companies and agencies in business and running smoothly.

You don’t have to major in insurance or risk management to find a successful and fulfilling career in the insurance industry. No matter what your skills and interests are, there is an insurance career for you. Take our insurance careers survey  to find out what career path would be a good fit for you!


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