5 Tips for Video Interviews

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Video Interview

Virtual interviewing has become increasingly more common in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that have come along with it, employers have had to improvise and use virtual platforms to recruit talent. If you have never done a virtual interview before it may seem intimidating. Take into account these five tips for virtual interviewing and set yourself up to score the job.

Know the Platform

Prior to the interview, make sure to do some research on the platform that will be used. Some of the most popular platforms used for business video communications are Zoom or Microsoft Teams. However, some companies use other platforms specific to interviewing or their company. When you find out the platform that will be used, do a simple google search or follow links they may provide. The platform may require you to create an account and you will want to make sure you have done so ahead of time.

Check Your Tech

Prior to signing in to the interview, you will want to make sure your set up has all of the required technology features. You will need to test your audio and video capabilities to ensure that they are fully functioning. Most laptops do have a built in camera and microphone but checking ahead of time is very important. If one of the features is broken or missing from your computer you then have time to troubleshoot and possibly purchase some additional equipment if needed. For your audio needs, if you must wear headphones it is best to wear minimalistic ones and avoid large over head headphones as they may be distracting.

Prepare Your Setup

Make sure your computer camera is at eye level.  You want your shoulders to be in the shot and for there to be a little space above your head. This will give you the best angle. This angle can be achieved by stacking books or boxes and putting your computer on top or purchasing a tech stand. Face your computer away from windows so that the outside light is shining directly on you for best lighting results. Having the light enter from the side or directly behind you can create distracting shadows or may distort your picture. 

Make sure you are in a quiet place where there will be no outside noise or people moving in your background. Let any roommates or family members know that you will be in an interview to minimalize movement and noise.

Look Your Best

Business professional clothing is recommended, even for video interviews. Even though your whole body will not be showing, it is still important to dress as you would for an in person interview. If you are fully outfitted you will be in a better headspace. Studies show that people feel “most authoritative, trustworthy, and competent when wearing formal business attire.” Avoid bright colors and bold printed clothing as it can be distracting. Solid color clothing appears better on camera and is often more professional looking.

Be Yourself

Make sure you still show your personality during the interview. Part of an interview is to see if you fit in with the company culture. Be expressive when you are answering questions so your personality really comes through the camera. Make sure you genuinely verbalize why you would be a great fit for the role.  

Even though in-person interviews are not as common in this time, you can still impress potential employers by using these tips. Check out insurancecareers.org for more tools and resources about finding insurance careers in Ohio. Before you know it, you may have a video interview scheduled to score your career in insurance!


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