5 Ways to Develop Your Future Career Over College Winter Break

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With winter break right around the corner, as a college student, you may find yourself with some additional free time. Aside from spending time with family, there are many opportunities to be productive and build your future career while class is out of session. Being proactive about your professional future while you have some free time can set you up for future success.

Update Your Resume

Updating your resume and cover letter can help put you a step ahead when the time comes to apply for a job or internship. Even if you are unsure what job or internship you will be applying for, an update will make the application process easier for you in the future. Make sure your resume includes your most recent accomplishments, new skills you’ve learned, and your volunteer experience. Other resume writing tips are available on websites like Monster.

Create a Cover Letter Template

Cover letters are often tailored to the position for which you are applying. However, having a template ready will put you at an advantage when the time comes to submit.

Ask family members or friends who you trust to be a second set of eyes and to make edits to your cover letter. It is always good to get a second opinion on your work to ensure the information you are trying to communicate is clear and concise.


Take the opportunity to network while you are home for the holidays. You never know who you may already have a connection with who would be happy to help you with your future career. Talk to family members, friends, friends’ parents, and anyone who is willing to listen. If you share with them your career goals or interests, they may be able to assist you or connect you with someone in their network who can help. The benefits of networking may not be immediate but you would be surprised who may help you in the future professionally. 

Apply for Scholarships, Internships, or Jobs

Around the holidays, you always want to make sure you spend some time bundled up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. Bring your laptop with you and do a little scholarship, internship, or job browsing online. Our Insurance Careers Students page has education, internship, and scholarship resources. Also, our Insurance Careers Job Resources page has information about insurance careers available throughout Ohio.


Take some time over break to learn more information about insurance career options in general. Resources like Insurance CareersInsuring Ohio Futures, and Insure My Path are great for exploring career options. With 245 insurance companies and more than 108,000 employees here in Ohio, there are so many opportunities for you to learn more about.

Using your free time over holiday break can help you get a leg up on your future career. Spend a little time on these five things and you will return to campus more prepared than when you left for break. Happy Holidays!


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