BGSU's Anna Gehring - Insurance Student Adapts in the Pandemic

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About Anna

I am currently a junior at Bowling Green State University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with specializations in both Risk Management/Insurance and Finance. I earned my Property and Casualty license the summer before entering into college and now have worked both in the agency side, as well as the company side, within the last three years.

I am heavily involved within the business college at Bowling Green as I currently serve as the President of our insurance fraternity on campus - Gamma Iota Sigma – Beta Chapter and also am on the Dean’s Advisory Council. I am currently working towards my AINS designation, to further expand my insurance knowledge and expertise. As I am nearing the end of my college career and am approaching my entrance into the insurance industry, my goal is to become a commercial lines underwriter. Although this is my end goal, I believe a detour through services, claims or personal lines would be very beneficial to my experience and education in this field. I am very passionate about the insurance industry, all the changes it is experiencing and what it will look like for everyone in the future.

Attending College in the Midst of a Pandemic

Everyone, everywhere around the world is experiencing unknowns throughout this pandemic. It produces fear, confusion, anxiety and questions regarding, “what will we do next?” I had the privilege this past summer of still being able to participate in my internship at Central Insurance Companies as a commercial line underwriting intern. Despite all the unknowns and cancelled plans, Central Insurance Companies was still committed to allowing the program to transpire and provided me with an amazing learning and growth opportunity.

As the summer progressed, plans had still not been announced for what the fall semester would look like. Would we be completely online? Would we be attending class in a hybrid format? Were we going to be able to come to campus at all? As these questions started to arise so did concern about how this would affect our academic performance. With teaching platforms changing, many students suffered from the online environment we experienced in the spring, so how would we go through this trial yet again?

This summer the President of my University, Rodney Rodgers, announced that we would be learning in a hybrid format; where half the class would go in person one day while the other half was online and vice versa. Bowling Green also established a plan where the student could design their learning formats to what they felt most comfortable with. The options included hybrid, remote or completely online. Students were able to customize their classroom exposure to ensure they were pleased with their education and also staying safe and healthy. Aside from the classroom, campus life has shifted dramatically, whether it is the mask mandate in classrooms, learning from within your home and all organizational meetings taking place remotely.

Professors have been incredibly understanding, supportive, and flexible throughout this transition we are all facing along with the hurdles of converting to the new learning styles. The President of BGSU also just announced we would be able to engage in adjustable grading options. This new grading option allows everyone to change any class to be graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. In other words; students are given the opportunity to change anything over a “C” to be shown just that you passed on your transcript. Along with this flex grading option, it will be shown that  classes for this semester were taken during COVID-19. This benefits students, as the new learning techniques are not ideal and have may cause individuals’ academic performance to decline.

Overall, despite the circumstances not being ideal, Bowling Green State University has done a phenomenal job of quickly adapting to the status of the world. BGSU has shown they put the students at the center of their mission and goals, and value the feedback and safety of their students as well. 


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    Fantastic observations and great insight. It's wonderful to see such amazing young talent entering the insurance industry.

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