Career Spotlight: Marketing Manager

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Do you enjoy analyzing data, staying current with trends, setting goals, and developing plans to achieve those goals? Are you a competitive and ambitious person driven by the desire to be the best? You may want to consider a career in marketing! Not only is marketing a highly competitive field that will keep you on your toes, it’s also an important part of Ohio’s diverse insurance industry. With so many different insurance companies operating in Ohio, it’s important for each of them to market themselves in a way that will put them ahead of the competition. And like many jobs in the insurance industry, marketing allows plenty of room for growth and development so you can work your way up to a higher position and a higher salary! 

What is a Marketing Manager?

A Marketing Manager’s job is to plan, direct, and coordinate marketing policies and programs. They must determine the demand for products and services, analyze the competition, and identify potential customers. The goal of marketing is to put your company above the competition, so as a Marketing Manager it’s important to stay up-to-date on current trends in marketing and advertising as well as in the insurance industry, and see what your competition is doing to stand out. It’s essential that marketers know how to expand their audience without alienating their long-time customers.

Important Occupational Skills

Essential skills for Marketing Managers include complex problem solving skills, analysis and evaluation skills, time and resource management skills, and social perceptiveness. Marketing Managers must be able to work with other people to effectively communicate ideas and goals, direct others, and conduct focus groups. You can see a more in-depth explanation of the required skills by looking at the Marketing Managers Toolkit

Education Requirements, Opportunities for Advancement, and Earnings

On average, insurance Marketing Managers in Ohio make $118,630 a year, but depending on your level of education, you may have the opportunity to make more. At the entry level, you would start as an Analyst or Account Executive, and you can make anywhere from $30,000–$75,000. This requires a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience. Mid-level positions include Marketing Managers, Marketing Consultants/Coordinators, and Assistant Directors, and the salary ranges from $50,000–$100,000. These positions require a Bachelor’s Degree, multiple years of related work experience, and possibly professional certification. Finally, at the executive level, to be a Marketing Manager II or Vice President of Marketing, you will need a post-grad degree, many years of related work experience, and professional certification. At this level, you are likely to be making over $100,000 a year.

Some certifications and degrees that could help you advance include Marketing Skills Certification from the Business Marketing Institute, Certified Financial Marketing Professional from the American Bankers Association, and earning a Master’s of Business Administration from an accredited college or university. Having a higher degree or professional certification will allow you to advance faster and earn more.

If you’re interested in working in a fast-paced, rapidly growing and diverse industry, check out our insurance career pathways to see what other insurance jobs might appeal to you! Or, you can take our career survey to find out where you could thrive in the insurance industry!


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