Celebrate In-Demand Jobs Week - May 6-10

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In-Demand Jobs Week

This week, we’re celebrating In-Demand Jobs Week–a statewide celebration of jobs, industries and skills that are in-demand in Ohio!

In-Demand Jobs Week is designed to encourage community leaders to plan engaging events and activities to spark excitement for job opportunities among students and job seekers.

Students, educators, businesses, workforce professionals and communities as a whole can all participate, and Ohio Means Jobs has created a variety of promotion tools.

For Educators, Businesses and Workforce Professionals

Teachers can learn how to engage with students and parents about in-demand jobs through the In-Demand Jobs Week Guide for Educators.

Businesses and workforce professionals can learn how to engage with the community about in-demand jobs through the In-Demand Jobs Week Guide for Businesses and Workforce Professionals.

These tools include career exposure ideas, resources to connect educators and businesses for engagement and local partnership, and a social media toolkit.

For Students or Job Seekers

Whether you are a high school or college student, or looking to make a career switch, there are resources for you to use to find careers that may interest you. Ohio Means Jobs provides The In-Demand Occupations Report, which serves as a comprehensive list of all in-demand jobs. Included in the report are a variety of jobs that can be found in the insurance industry.

Featured Insurance Careers

The insurance industry in Ohio has a variety of In-Demand jobs available. Our career pathways resources offer details about those careers, including details on each profession, daily responsibilities, educational requirements, important skills, average salaries and more.

As you’re looking ahead to your future and thinking about what career path you will take, or thinking about making a career switch, consider the jobs below–jobs that are all categorized as in-demand in Ohio that the insurance industry is hiring for right now!

You can also take our insurance career survey to see which career aligns best with your interests and skills.

Whether you are a student, job-seeker, educator, business owner, or workforce professional, start the conversation in your community and help connect quality talent to Ohio’s in-demand careers!



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