College Spotlight: The Ohio State University

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If you’re interested in studying insurance but don’t know where to go for it, look no further than The Ohio State University (OSU). Their insurance major will prepare you for a career in insurance as well as pave the way toward other professional certifications to help advance your career in the future.


About the Program 

The insurance major prepares students for professional careers in the global financial services industry by fostering the development of analytical and problem-solving skills in life and health risk management, employee benefit programs, social insurance, and personal and commercial property and liability risk management.

The coursework includes five insurance-specific classes: Employee Benefit Plans, Insurance and Risk, Life and Health Insurance, Property and Liability Insurance, and an Insurance elective course. Additionally, you will take other typical business courses such as Accounting, Statistics, Finance, Marketing, and Business Law.

The major is a part of the school’s Max M. Fisher College of Business, rated in the top-ten best U.S. undergraduate public business programs by U.S. News and World Report in 2018.


While an internship is not required for graduation from the school of business, if you are interested in one, the Office of Career Management will help you find one. According to OSU, 95 percent of students registered with the office get an internship before graduation. Even if it’s not required, internships are a great way to earn real-world experience, network with professionals in your chosen field, and may open up the opportunity for full-time employment.

Career Outlook

Many careers within the insurance industry require a bachelor’s degree for entry, and may require further education to receive special certifications. You can check out our Career Pathways to see what level of education is required for various careers within insurance. Knowing ahead of time what kind of education and professional certification may be required for a position you’re interested in will help you plan for your future accordingly. Careers in insurance vary in requirements from a high school diploma to a law degree or other graduate degree.

Additionally, majoring in insurance can give you an advantage in other careers, such as financial planning and risk management. These roles require knowledge of risk management as well as at minimum a basic understanding of how insurance functions.

While salaries will vary greatly from one position to another, according to OSU, the starting salary for insurance major graduates averaged $60,000 in 2016─2017.

Learn More

If this sounds like a path you want to take, check out OSU’s page about their insurance major for more information.


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