Considering a Career Change? 4 Professions That Translate to a Successful Insurance Career

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Do you find yourself counting down the hours until the workday ends? Or, perhaps you feel your professional skills over qualify you in your current position.

Whatever the reason, coming to a crossroads in your career is a natural part of life. While some people follow a linear career path, others do not—and that’s OK.

In fact, The Balance suggests, “the average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times during his or her career.”

Lucky for you, career options in insurance are unlimited, and previous career experiences
and professional skills can put you well on your way to success.

So if you’re at the point where you’re considering a change, continue reading for examples of professions that set you up for a successful insurance career.

1. Accounting Clerk

Are you interested in an administrative position? Accounting clerks are sought after in the insurance industry. They use accounting software to review and record numerical data (figures, postings and documents) as a means to keep financial records complete and accurate. This is essential to a company’s success, as insurers are now required to release financial statements in accordance with National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s Statutory Accounting Principles (SAP).

Basic skills include active listening and speaking, as well as reading comprehension. If this sparks your interest, you’ll find that an accounting career can be both rewarding and challenging within the insurance industry.  

2. Research and Development Analyst

If you think you have what it takes to tackle the analytical side of insurance, consider a career as a research and development analyst. Analysts assist management with decision-making and policy formulation by analyzing statistical data and evaluating applications. Basic skills include critical thinking and complex problem solving to conceptualize information and draw conclusions.

Research and development analysts help insurance companies remain competitive and responsive to industry changes—an exciting opportunity for individuals ready to dive in and make a difference. 

3. Marketing Manager

Do you have a knack for developing marketing strategies and communications? If so, a marketing manager within an insurance company might be your next title. Marketing managers are responsible for developing a strong company brand, and coordinating promotional activities to ensure the sale and profitability of products, lines and services.

Basic skills include social perceptiveness, persuasion and coordination—all of which allow managers to analyze business developments and monitor market trends. 

4. Web Designer

What’s your first reaction when you visit a company’s website? If you’re particularly design-savvy, you may notice the layout, look or user experience, and be the perfect candidate for a web designer role.

Web designers collaborate with engineers and software developers to create and modify websites based on user needs. As the insurance industry undergoes major disruption from digitization, a job in information technologies offers you a chance to play a primary role in a company’s infrastructure. 

From developing apps to integrating chatbots, web designers are posed with the challenge to create personalized experiences for today’s consumers. Basic skills include operations analysis and systems evaluation.

To learn more about a variety of possible insurance career paths that align with your goals, interests and skills, take our Insurance Career Survey.


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