Have You Considered an Insurance Career?: A Letter to College Students from OII President

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Dear College Student:

Another school year has started and whether it’s your first year of college or you’ll be graduating at the end of the school year, I would like to take a moment to encourage you to explore your options in the field of insurance. When you think of jobs in the insurance industry, you may think of sales and claims. But there are many more opportunities in the industry, including careers in technology, analysis, marketing and communication, design, and more. No matter what your skills are, chances are there’s an insurance career for you!

Not only does the insurance industry offer a variety of careers to choose from, but it also has a growing number of job openings. In fact, it is expected that by 2024 the insurance industry will have approximately 29,000 jobs to fill, just in Ohio. Did you know that the average annual salary for an Ohioan working in insurance in 2017 was $74,500? That’s 53 percent higher than Ohio’s private sector annual salary. There are a number of insurance companies whose headquarters prominently mark the skylines of major Ohio cities and there are many companies present in smaller towns in-between.

In addition, many Ohio colleges and universities are now offering certificate or degree programs in insurance and actuary sciences. Becoming certified could even land you a job before graduation. You can find a list of Ohio insurance certificate programs and college and university degree programs here.

The insurance industry supports and serves communities and is there for people in one of their greatest times of need, making it a meaningful and rewarding career. It’s also an exciting career as the insurance industry is using many innovations including artificial intelligence, drones, the internet of things, and big data. With an increasing focus on technology and innovation, the industry needs creative minds like yours to present insurance for a new generation.

There are plenty of online resources for you to explore when thinking about your future in insurance. Visit the following websites to learn more about how working in the insurance industry could benefit you:

I wish you a successful school year, and I hope you will consider the exciting world of insurance as your future career path!


Dean Fadel
President, Ohio Insurance Institute


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