How Can the Career Survey Help You?

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Career Survey

One of the most difficult parts of starting a career search is narrowing down what kinds of positions you would be a good fit for and would align with your interests. Undoubtedly, knowing your own skills, interests, and goals is important in making career decisions. How can you make connections between yourself and a specific insurance career?

About the Insurance Career Survey offers a Insurance Career Survey, this step-by-step process is designed to help you learn more about a variety of possible insurance career paths. Not only will the career survey show you jobs that match your interests and skills, but it will also provide descriptions of position requirements, average salary information, job duties and responsibilities, as well as possibilities for advancement and growth.

The survey contains just four simple questions that can help guide you in the right direction to discovering an insurance career that would be a great fit for you. The questions help capture what you like to do and what type of work you may like.

The questions on the survey include…

Which type of activity would you prefer?

This question helps determine what type of work you prefer. Some examples of answers to this question include, analyzing statistical data to find report trends, performing administrative duties, HR or maintenance duties to support front office or facility upkeep, or working with and managing technology systems. The answers to this question really start to pare down options based on job activities.

Do you enjoy communicating with people regarding products and services?

This question is a simple yes or no but also helps pare down career options even further. If you do not prefer to communicate with people, this may suggest more of an analytical behind the scenes role. Whereas, if you do enjoy communicating with people, the career survey will point you more toward careers that involve communicating and interacting with others.

Do you prefer to spend your time working with computers, data and software?

Whether you enjoy technology or not, there are so many insurance career options available. Great careers for those who love computers, data and software are research analysts and actuaries. Both of these careers would involve analytical computer work. On the other hand, people who prefer spending less time with data and on computers may be a better fit for careers like claims representative or training and development manager. These jobs involve more communication with customers or employees.

What level of education do you expect to receive before entering into the workforce?

This final question just determines what positions you would be qualified for based on your education background. Some careers require a high school education or GED, whereas others require a Bachelor’s or further professional training.

The survey will provide you with several results that correspond to your skills and background, and will present you with a variety of career choices and resources that provide more information about them. Click here to get started! Find out what interesting and fulfilling insurance careers are out there for you.


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