How to Find Stability in a New Career

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Career StabilityStarting a new career can be difficult. With new responsibilities, new colleagues and a new environment there are bound to be challenges. However, taking the risk and changing to a new career can lead you to increased stability and overall fulfillment.

According to Glassdoor, employees who are itching to move to a new role are typically seeking high employee satisfaction, better opportunities for career advancement and strong employer culture and values. If you find a career that meets these needs, you are more likely to stay.

Using our tools available at you can make informed career decisions about your career, which can assist you in finding the career stability you are seeking.

Consider Longevity

While seeking stability in a new career, it is important to consider where the industry is headed. You need to ask yourself, “Is this industry sustainable?”

The insurance industry is growing and the current workforce is also aging. This leaves open positions for the next generation of professionals. Even with a steady stream of college graduates with insurance-related degrees, the influx of fresh talent isn’t enough to meet growing industry demand. This talent gap creates an opportunity for those considering a career change to find and sustain a career.  More than half of insurance professionals are projected to retire by 2025, creating ample opportunities for entry and career advancement!

Take Advantage of your Resources

Stability in a career often involves advancement. To gain stability within a career it is wise to take advantage of educational and training opportunities.  According to Harvard Business Review, one of the drivers of turnover is allowing workers to stagnate in their current role. Furthering your knowledge will help you fight becoming stagnant and will help you feel like you are bettering yourself in your current role and may even open doors to advance in your career.

Insurance Careers offers a comprehensive list of Education Programs. Taking advantage of these resources and the resources of your employer can help you fight complacency in your role and make you feel like a stronger asset in your career.

Expand your Network

Join professional organizations. Making meaningful connections can bring to light new opportunities within your career. Network with other industry professionals. Having people invested in you professionally can open many doors in your career.  Also, find mentors. Connecting with someone in your industry who has more experience than you gives you a go to person for advice and guidance. 

There are specific groups for education and networking both locally, nationally and internationally for insurance industry professionals. Check out Insurance Hangout of Central OhioWomen in Insurance and Financial Services and International Association of Insurance Professionals.

No matter where you are in life, considering a career in the insurance industry may help you gain the career stability you have been seeking. Students, career changers and veterans alike are encouraged to explore the variety of fulfilling careers the industry has to offer. Start by taking our Career Survey to learn what career in insurance may be the best fit for you.


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