How to Know When it’s Time to Switch Careers

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Career ChangersMost of us don’t find our dream career overnight, and realizing when it’s time to change careers can oftentimes be difficult. But jobs that are part of your career search journey can offer valuable lessons and become stepping stones to help get you to the career you want.

Trial and error is your friend in this process. Think of your work life as an equation. When what you put into a career outweighs what you are getting out of that career, it is time to make a change. Get ready to take the rewarding plunge of making a career switch.

Boredom and Lack of Energy

It’s Sunday night. You are beyond dreading that Monday morning alarm. The work you are doing isn’t challenging or inspiring and the clock ticks slowly. You make your to do list for the week and there is not one item on that list that motivates or excites you. Believe it or not, according to The Washington Post the consequences of your unhappiness with your work may affect your physical and mental well-being. If you are doing something you dislike all day, you are likely to take the negativity out of the workplace with you. Your boredom and lack of energy are clear signs that it is time to consider a new career.

Starting a career in insurance can give you that spark back that you have been missing. Companies like State Auto take pride in employing talented and motivated individuals while providing a rewarding, diverse and goal-oriented work environment. An exciting career at State Auto is driven by the ability to grow. A particular perk offered that will keep you enthused and energized is tuition assistance. If you start your career as a customer service representative and realize that you want to grow your skills and become an underwriter, State Auto’s tuition assistance program can help you get to that next level. They offer careers in everything from IT to training and competitive salaries to build a solid new career. Continuing learning and growing in your new insurance career can help you stay motivated.

Career Envy

You see people doing things they love not only as a hobby, but as a career. You see people doing jobs with perks you wish you had, like flexible hours, or travel opportunities and you are jealous. Your job is so out of line with your interests or values that you might even feel embarrassed to tell people what you do. Career envy is a clear sign that you should consider switching to a new career.

Do you dream of a career opportunity where you can be your own boss, set your own hours, impact your community, or maybe work from remote locations? Allstate has small business opportunities available where you can be your own boss and make an impact in your local community. The Agency Owner opportunity allows you to earn equity in the business you build yourself. This career is limitless and flexible. You are able to start your own company with the Allstate name behind you. If you have always dreamed of owning a business, this insurance career may be for you.

No Room to Grow and Unvalued Talent

You have outgrown your role. You continue to go above and beyond, and despite lack of interest, you continue delivering great results. Even though you are still overachieving there are no opportunities for upward mobility and little opportunity for pay increases. You have capped out and are underappreciated for your efforts. You cannot just sit around waiting for your career to take flight when all signs point to complacency. Lack of growth and unvalued talent are signs you should consider making a much needed career switch.

Great employees deserve the potential for career growth. Nationwide offers a variety of competitive benefit packages which make you feel valued and appreciated for your hard work. As soon as you start working you are eligible for paid time off and insurance discounts on products such as home, life or auto insurance. Nationwide also offers tools and resources to help you effectively manage your career through continuing education and leadership development opportunities. Their learning and development department offers training and career planning support.

Insurance Careers

Take the next step in making the move to your new, exciting, and fulfilling career in the insurance industry. With the help of you can take advantage of a wide variety of resources including career options, job resources, and educational resources.


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