Insurance Careers Abundant in Ohio

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The size and importance of Ohio’s insurance industry can be measured in several ways, but any way you look at it, the Ohio insurance industry plays a huge part in the state’s economy. From the number of insurance jobs available, to the competitive earning potential, to the diverse locations of jobs, Ohio is home to a wide variety of insurance career opportunities.

Positions Are, and Will Be Available

Insurance jobs and financial security are provided to a workforce of more than 108,000 Ohioans and growing. According to the Insurance Industry Resource Council, between now and 2024 Ohio’s insurance industry will require approximately 29,000 new employees. Also, the Bureau of Economic Analysis ranks Ohio seventh in the U.S. in insurance industry employment.

Wages are Competitive

According to The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, Bureau of Labor Market Information, average annual salaries of insurance employees in Ohio are 53% higher than Ohio’s average. The average annual salary for an Ohioan working in insurance in 2017 was $74,500 compared to the private sector average of $48,572. The $25,928 difference in average speaks highly to the competitive wages insurance jobs provide their employees in Ohio.

Positions Available Statewide

Some industries’ jobs are limited to a specific area in the state, but not insurance. With Ohio being home to more than 245 insurance companies, opportunities are available everywhere, from the larger cities to the smaller suburbs.

You can use the Ohio insurance company database to search insurance companies in specific areas of the state or statewide. These listings have links to companies’ websites, their career pages, and even list their addresses so that you can see the proximity to where you live. After viewing the opportunities in any given Ohio area, you can apply online and become a step closer to your new exciting insurance career.   

Have You Considered an Insurance Career?

The statistics speak for themselves. Ohio has many jobs available, wages are competitive, and the various jobs are widespread throughout the state.

A wide variety of insurance careers await you. Start exploring careers with the Ohio Means Jobs Insurance job search and our list of Ohio insurance companies. These resources will connect you to companies with various career opportunities and will give you an idea of what insurance careers are available.


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