Pro Tips: Internships Available in the Insurance Industry

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Insurance InternshipNow that summer is just around the corner, you may be looking for a summer internship. Internships can be a great way to gain real-world experience, make money, and complete a college graduation requirement.

When you think about an internship in the insurance industry, you may think of shadowing an insurance agent. While sales positions do exist and are important, there is so much more to the insurance industry. No matter your major, it is likely there is a career in insurance that is a great fit for you!

We’ve rounded up some internship opportunities with insurance companies in Ohio that show the variety of careers you can have working in insurance.


Ohio is home to several nationally-recognized insurance companies, including Progressive in Cleveland. Progressive has both winter and summer internships in accounting, customer care, data and analytics, and technology. Interning at Progressive will not only give you hands-on experience, but experience working at a national company that can be an advantage when you start to look for post-grad jobs.

Great American Insurance Group

If you’ve recently graduated and are looking for additional training, Great American Insurance Group (GAIG) in Cincinnati offers industry specific training programs in claims and underwriting. These programs, which last between six and nine months, are designed to help you develop the skills necessary for a successful career in your chosen field. Both of these programs involve rotations to give you a well-rounded view.

If you’re still in school, GAIG has internships, co-ops, and networking opportunities for students in all majors. Opportunities like these will help you get a head start on your professional experience, learn about the industry, and make professional contacts. You can see what kinds of internships and entry-level positions they have available on their Career Center page.


Just because you aren’t a business or finance major doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for you in the insurance industry.

Westfield, located in northeast Ohio, offers paid internships in marketing, actuarial, and finance, they also have paid internships for fields of study you might not expect, including IT, culinary arts, and golf and turf management. Westfield’s internships provide a well-rounded experience, involving shadowing opportunities, community volunteering, performance evaluations and more.

They typically start recruiting in September, and have internship opportunities for rising sophomores-seniors, as well as for students working on their master degrees between their first and second year.

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

If you live closer to southwest Ohio, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies in Fairfield may have an opportunity for you.

Their Future Insurance Professionals Internship program is a joint effort between The Cincinnati Insurance Companies and their independent agents. This program starts with three weeks of working full time in their headquarters, combining learning and working. After the three weeks are up, interns will go on to spend the rest of the summer working for an agency. This internship requires you to be sponsored by an agency that represents The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, and you must be a rising senior, but if that doesn’t work for you, they also offer a broader range of internship opportunities for students of sophomore standing or higher. All majors are welcome to apply to these internships, and they include an assortment of departments including accounting, loss control, sales, and IT.

Internships in insurance give you real-world experience, the opportunity to expand your professional network, and pave your way to a bright future­­—and a good chance in landing a job upon graduation!

Not sure which of the many career paths in insurance would be best for you? Take our Insurance Careers Survey to find out what kind of career–and internship–could be the best fit for you! You can also view our Career Pathways, which lay out the details and responsibilities of each job, professional requirements, average salaries, and more.


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