The Institutes: Insurance Industry Workplace Readiness program

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Insurance careers are stable, rewarding, limitless, and meaningful. By 2024, Ohio’s insurance industry will need to fill 29,000 jobs.

Are you looking for support to boost your skills and knowledge to give you the competitive edge in your new or current insurance career? The Institutes is offering a convenient and affordable program which can do just that!

Who is the program for?

Career Changers: Are you in a career that is not right for you and looking for a change? Are you looking to enter the workforce for the first time? Are you re-entering the workforce in search of a fulfilling career? This program can help provide a convenient, accessible pathway to a new fulfilling career in insurance.

Students: Are you a student looking to be a part of the next generation of insurance professionals? This program can provide you with the right training to not only fill an open position, but thrive in your new career.

Current Employees: Are you an insurance professional looking for a way to boost your skills or your team’s skills? Taking this course can help you, your team, and your company increase profits and production.

This program is perfect for people currently in insurance careers looking to improve their skills and people looking for a pathway into a new career in insurance. Career changers, students, and current insurance industry employees alike will benefit from the programs offerings.

What does the program include?

The program will include an industry career overview, essential business and interpersonal skills training, and Insurance Essentials, an online program that will prepare you to understand basic insurance concepts and operations.

The program is completely online, allowing participants to work around their busy schedules. The coursework can be completed anytime and anywhere. Completing the program and earning the certificate typically takes about eight weeks.

How do I enroll and participate in the program?

First, register with The Institutes. The cost of the program is $100.

Next, complete prerequisite coursework at MyPath. The MyPath website allows you to learn about careers in insurance and use the interactive career planning tools to find a path that best suits you.

The next step is participating in the five week Insurance Industry Workplace Essentials modules. The online modules will be taken one per week and will be led by industry subject matter experts (SME). They will be 40 minutes of self-paced sessions followed by short assignments. The module outline includes:

  • Conceptualizing a professional development plan for a job search
  • Preparing an effective resume and cover letter that meets insurance industry standards
  • Insurance industry interviewing process
  • Evaluating a job offer
  • Onboarding—the first day through the first 90 days and beyond

During and after completion of the modules, the SME will coach, answer questions, and share information through a private Facebook page.

After completing the Insurance Industry Workplace Essentials modules, you will begin the Cumulative Portfolio Project. You will be given two weeks to compile all of your module assignments into a cohesive portfolio.

The final portion of the program, Insurance Essentials, provides you with an animated, online course which will give you a solid understanding of essential insurance concepts and operations. The module outline includes:

  • Introduction to Insurance and Risk Management
  • The Role of Insurance
  • Insurer Profitability
  • Insurance Industry Companies and Roles
  • The Typical Insurance Transaction

Those who successfully complete the program will earn a certificate.

Insurance Industry Workplace Readiness will give you career tools, skills, and knowledge to propel you into a successful insurance career. Register with The Institutes to begin your journey!

View the Insurance Industry Workplace Readiness informational video.

About The Institutes
As the industry’s trusted and respected knowledge leader, The Institutes and their affiliates are committed to meeting the evolving professional development needs of the risk management and insurance community. They prepare people to fulfill their professional and ethical responsibilities by offering customer-focused and innovative educational, research, networking, and career resource solutions.

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