Thinking of Switching Careers to the Insurance Industry? FAQ’s Answered and Explained

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man at computerMost people will not work one job their whole life. If you’ve been in your current position for a while and are starting to feel stale and bored at work, it may be time to consider a career change. It’s  never too late to start an exciting career in the insurance industry, and with over 250 insurance companies located in Ohio, there is never a shortage of available insurance jobs. But if you are considering a career change, you probably have a few questions. Below, we’ll go over some questions about making a career transition into the insurance industry.

     1. What Kind of Careers Exist in the Insurance Industry?

The insurance industry is extremely diverse. Depending on your previous career path, you may be able to hold the same type of job in the insurance industry. Jobs in accounting, information technology, and law are common in the insurance industry. Of course, there is a plethora of other jobs in the insurance industry, many of which are more specific to the industry, such as actuaries and insurance agents. If you are looking to expand into an entirely new career, consider the skills and experience you already have. Many skills learned and used in other industries are transferrable to the insurance industry. Having a lot of experience, even if it’s not in the insurance industry, will make you more marketable as a prospective employee to a lot of employers.

     2. Why Should I Choose a Career in the Insurance Industry?

Aside from the variety of jobs available, there are plenty of reasons to choose the insurance industry when you are considering options for a new career. Perhaps most importantly, the insurance industry offers stability. As long as there are houses, automobiles, and people, there will be insurance to protect them. And in Ohio, people in insurance on average make 56% more than Ohio’s average private sector salary, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2018, the average annual salary for an Ohioan working in insurance was $77,913 versus Ohio’s average private sector annual salary of $49,988.

      3. How Do I Get Started in the Insurance Industry?

First, decide whether you are looking to work in the same field (ie accounting, marketing, etc.) or if you are looking to totally start over. If you want to stay in the same field, you can check out this regionally-organized directory of Ohio insurance companies and agencies and search for job openings in your field. If you decide you want to venture into a new career, or advance in the field you’re already in, consider looking at the various certification and education programs offered at Ohio colleges and universities. Many of these are meant to be completed in two years or less, making them ideal for someone looking to make a career change, or anyone looking to expand their academic achievements. Browse our career pathways to see various careers available in the insurance industry, and how to get started in them. You can also take our career survey to see what insurance industry job might be right for you.

It’s never a bad time to consider a career in the insurance industry. Go to for all the resources you need to get started!


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