Three Hobbies That Could Lead to a Career in Insurance

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You know the saying “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”? If you aren’t sure what kind of career you want to pursue, a great place to start is to look at your hobbies and see which of them could lead you to a viable career. Taking something you enjoy and already spend time on and turning it into a career means doing what you love and making a living off of it! Starting a career in something you’re passionate about will make your job more interesting and help prevent you from getting “burned out”. Below are three hobbies that can lead to a fulfilling career in insurance.


If you like tinkering with drones, you may be surprised to learn that they are being used increasingly more in the insurance industry. Drones can be used for a variety of things, such as gathering data on damage after a catastrophic event, capturing up-to-date images of property for value assessment, and assisting in the inspection of a building, which allows a claims adjuster to do their job more quickly. Also, as drones become more commonplace, insurance companies are starting to offer drone insurance. As this is a brand-new area of business for the insurance industry, people with an understanding of how drones work and the risks they pose will be a valuable addition to insurance companies.

Coding and Programming

These days, a lot of people learn how to code in their free time. It’s a marketable skill across a lot of industries, and many people do it on the side for fun as well. If you know how to code or have been wanting to learn, you should know that coding is a key part of the bigger-picture programming, and is important in a lot of fields. Being proficient in coding is the first step to learning programming. In insurance, programming is used in product development and pricing, application programming, research and development, and more. Having  an interest in how computers work is also a good place to start on the path to a career in IT, as a specialist or a manager.


Do you like creative writing? Maybe you are or were part of a journalism club in high school. If so, there are plenty of insurance jobs that could be a good fit for you. Working in marketing is a great way to make use of your creativity and writing skills. Marketers are especially vital to insurance companies, and the industry spends billions on marketing and advertising every year. Insurance companies advertise through a variety of medias including print, TV, radio, and web. Effective marketing requires excellent communication skills, especially written communication.

You may not have realized that the hobbies you enjoy now can lead you to an exciting career in insurance, but the truth is there are so many career possibilities in the insurance industry! Not sure where to start? Take our career survey to find out which area of insurance might be the right fit for you!


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