Top Skills Needed in Insurance You Learned at Your Last Job

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Was your last job in a restaurant, a retail store, or a call center? Believe it or not, your past jobs have taught you valuable business skills that are important for a career in insurance. If you are considering selecting a career in insurance, there are many opportunities for people with different skill sets. Some of the skills you learned from your last job that may be applied to your next job include skills in communication, analytics, customer service, and organization.

Communication Skills

You worked as a front desk agent at a busy hotel where you gained communication skills. You made sure to communicate with guests upon their arrival what amenities were offered, directions to their guest room, and answer any other questions they may have had. 

Marketing Managers communicate both verbally and in writing. They craft brand messaging to promote and market products and services. They communicate within their organization with other departments to determine what needs promotion, what products are in demand, and what is being offered by competitors. Good communication skills are key in this role and ensure that the right messages are reaching target audiences.

Analytical Skills

You worked as a restaurant manager where you gained analytical skills. You were responsible for tallying hours of your employees and making schedules. You became used to looking at numbers and making sure they added up. You had to use analytical skills to make sure you had a sufficient number of staff members on each shift and that no one was working overtime.

Accountants analyze financial information in order to maintain records and ensure costs, revenues, and financial commitments are being fulfilled. It is important that accountants analyze all expenses and ensure all entries are being coded to the proper accounts. Thinking analytically helps ensure all accounting records are correct and that funds are distributed correctly.

Customer Service Skills

You worked as a representative at a call center where you gained customer service skills. You are used to defusing customer frustrations and providing support when help was needed. You gained a knack for making things right and ensuring that customers had the best experience possible.

Claims Adjusters communicate with claimants, witnesses, police, physicians, or other parties involved in incidents to review and ultimately settle claims. People in this role use customer service skills daily. It is inevitable that in the claims adjustment process, not everything is going to go according to plan for all parties involved. It is important to have the ability to remain calm and make sure customers have a great experience.

Multitasking Skills

You worked as a sales associate in a retail store where you gained multitasking skills. You were responsible for making sure all the clothes were folded and in order, you styled and assisted customers, and checked them out at the register. You work well in a busy environment and are able to help multiple customers at a time while staying organized.

Human Recourses Generalists thrive in situations where they have to multitask. They are responsible for everything from interviewing potential employees, to checking references, to compiling new hire paperwork, and maintaining personnel related documentation. They have to use multitasking on a daily basis to ensure that the company is adequately staffed and all records are up to date.

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