Where Are They Now? Franklin University Risk Management & Insurance Grad: Clayton Collins

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Clayton Collins

No doubt, managing loss and liability is a major undertaking for individuals and businesses. More and more people are hiring professionals to help them evaluate and manage their potential for loss. With the evident needs of risk assessment and management, insurance career opportunities are abundant.

Clayton’s Background

Clayton Collins is a 2019 Franklin University Risk Management & Insurance graduate. Franklin University offers a Risk Management & Insurance degree program that is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of this growing field. His story shows a unique path to an insurance career that may inspire you to consider starting your insurance career journey as well.

Prior to pursuing his degree from Franklin, Clayton had a variety of different careers and experiences. He started college in 1994, enlisted in the Navy from 1996 to 2000, and then worked as an Operator at the Premcor Refinery where he worked making liquid carbon dioxide. Through these experiences, he found himself desiring a different career path.

Without knowing anyone in an insurance career, the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company reached out to him to consider their training program. With his prior Navy experience and training, he realized he was a good candidate for the program and agreed to join them. A major perk of the program was receiving a company car. This was a very attractive perk for the 20-something year old Clayton. This experience was how he initially got into the insurance world.  From there, his natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge has led him further into the insurance risk control and risk management areas. He is currently employed as a Boiler and Machinery Consultant with TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants.

Why Insurance?

We asked Clayton, “What is your favorite part about working in insurance?” He said, “I have the opportunity to meet different people every week.  In addition to meeting people, my job allows me to help people and organizations identify risks and offer recommendations on how to eliminate or mitigate those risks. Helping solve problems and improve safety is a good cause.” Another aspect Clayton said that he enjoys about his insurance career is the fact that the insurance industry stays fairly insulated from economic down turns because organizations  should still  have insurance to protect their assets. 

We also asked Clayton, “What would you tell someone considering switching to an insurance career?” He said, “The insurance industry has many different departments and operations to offer prospective career seekers a variety of options and plenty of opportunities to grow. Insurance industry companies typically have very solid benefits programs and salary structures.” He also said he had many doors closed in front of him during this journey when he did not yet have his degree. Therefore, he recommends completing a program like what is offered at Franklin to aid in advancement.

We hope that hearing a story like Clayton’s inspires you to start your own journey to a rewarding career in the insurance industry.  Check out the Franklin University Risk Management & Insurance program to jump start your insurance career. Also, check out insurancecareers.org resources and career pathways.


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