Educator Resources

Helping prepare tomorrow's professionals is a big responsibility. To make your job easier, we've compiled a collection of the best resources on the insurance industry. Below is a list of free resources designed for educating students on the basics of insurance, careers opportunities and the industry at large.

Ohio Insurance Institute

The Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) offers a list of free insurance resources specifically designed for educators. From lesson plans to facts about the different types of insurance coverages, this resource center provides teachers with a wide range of tools needed for helping students better understand insurance from a personal or professional standpoint.

Click here to view the complete list of educator resources from the OII.

The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation

The Griffith Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational institution that promotes the study and teaching of risk management and insurance. The Foundation offers education programs and resources for K-12, as well as higher education. 

Online Insurance Curriculum

Lesson plan topics include automobile insurance, renter's and homeowner's insurance, life insurance and more. Click here to view the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation's Insurance "Curriculum Online."

Free Careers DVD

Request a free copy of the careers DVD, "A Future Full of Possibilities," from The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation. Recommended for use in Career Education and Guidance programs, this short video features young professionals working in the insurance industry in a variety of positions. 

Click here to learn more about the careers DVD and to order your free copy.


InVEST offers educators a free insurance program for both high school and college level students. InVEST aims “to improve insurance literacy in students and attract new talent to the industry.” Aside from an educational program, InVEST also offers a wide variety of valuable resources for those interested in exploring the insurance industry.

  • Interested in exploring the program? Discover scholarship opportunities made available through InVEST.
  • InVEST provides a Career Center for insurance job providers and educators. The Career Center points to resources that will assist in interviewing, training resources, intern compensation and more. 
  • If you or a colleague is interested, learn more about the program and get involved