Educator Survey

Ohio Educators,

The insurance industry needs your help, and wants to support you in the education of our students—future professionals and prospective employees.

Ohio employs more than 95,000 Ohioans in the insurance industry. As the “Baby Boomers” prepare to retire, our industry needs to attract interest.

A recent study by Columbus State Community College identified that the Ohio insurance industry needs more than 17,000 new employees by 2018 to replace the retiring workers and maintain the status quo. 

There is an immediate need to attract and retain top-quality talent to the insurance industry. From marketing and human resources, actuaries, accountants and systems analysts, insurance has a need for almost every field of study. Many people (your students included) associate insurance with agents, or sales. Yes, sales are critical to our industry, but there are many other opportunities available.

This is where you come in! 

We’d like to partner with Ohio teachers to educate students on insurance as a possible career—what it is, how it supports and protects our local economy, families and businesses, and how it could help them achieve their professionals aspirations.

By educating students now, we hope to place insurance in conversations surrounding courses of study, internships and future employers. At your convenience, please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Your input will provide us with insight needed to create a student-targeted initiative on insurance careers.