Insurance Industry Resource Council Releases Updates on Workforce Initiatives

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Photo credit: IIRC Midyear meeting presentationThe growth of Ohio’s insurance industry requires a workforce with skills that transfer to a variety of career offerings. The Insurance Industry Resource Council (IIRC) is an OII partner in our insurance careers initiatives.

With a focus on workforce development programs through Ohio colleges and universities, IIRC is helping to create a pipeline of talent that meets the growing needs of our industry. OII Midyear Meeting presenters Mark Russell, President & CEO of Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, and Sandy Harbrecht, President & CEO of Paul Werth Associates, provided an update on IIRC workforce development initiatives. View their presentation, including an overview of the 2016 Ohio Insurance Workforce Report, featuring updated data on industry employment demands, and how Ohio’s higher education institutions are addressing them.

Check out the resources below for more information on the insurance industry's latest career initiatives


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