Looking for a Rewarding Career? Step Into the Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry is in the midst of a talent revolution—offering thousands of job openings to young, aspiring and established professionals across a broad spectrum of disciplines. By 2018, 25% of the industry’s current professionals will retire, opening countless doors for the next wave of leaders. In Ohio alone, there are at least 26,000 insurance jobs that need to be filled in the next four years. 

So we’re here to help get the word out. This month marks the first annual Insurance Careers Month, an industry-wide movement dedicated to shedding light on insurance as an exciting career path.

From students and recent college graduates, to veterans and career-changers, insurance presents an enormous opportunity leading to a stable, rewarding and limitless career. And as industry veterans reflect on their successes, they’re sharing their stories and perspective with new recruits.

Insurance — A Profession of Limitless Opportunity

Insurance is seeking a variety of talents these days. Besides the need for sales, claims and IT specialists, there are countless positions in accounting, legal, investigations, marketing, customer service and more. Insurers, large and small, need individuals from nearly every discipline to run their daily operations and provide service to the millions of customers across the U.S.

According to Monster.com, actuaries and underwriters continue to be the most in-demand career paths in insurance. In addition, niche product line expertise, like group disability insurance, tends to be more lucrative.

As for entry-level professionals, the following paths are typically in higher demand:

Not sure what interests you? Visit OII’s insurance careers site for information on over 30 career paths along with their growth potential. Take the online survey to help align your interests with the many insurance career pathways.

An Essential Industry with Compassion and Reward

Insurance touches nearly every aspect of our lives and is essential to society and economic growth. It’s at the root of every product and service, protecting individuals and businesses against the unexpected, helping them recover in their moment of need.

Insurance offers endless rewards, advancement opportunities and stable working conditions. LearningAdvisor lists the following as some of the industry’s most desirable benefits:

  • Flexible hours
  • Unlimited growth potential and independence
  • Variety of tasks
  • Steady job outlook
  • Competitive annual wages

An Industry United and Waiting For You!

The Ohio Insurance Institute pledged its support to the Insurance Careers Month movement, and so have many of our members. Some of their activities include:

To commemorate the insurance career opportunities of our members, we’ve developed a list of our member company job linksNot only does it serve as a one-stop shop to jobs by company, but it also provides a clearer picture as to the variety of opportunities that are out there.

In addition, the Insurance Industry Resource Council (IIRC) is conducting a number of insurance-inspired events at Ohio colleges and universities throughout the month. See IIRC’s list of events here.

Does your company have a special event planned to promote insurance careers or attract new talent? Have a question or comment about insurance careers? Post it below.


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