Vets: Labor Day 2014—How Has Insurance Given New Life to Your Career

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american flags in grassWhen military service ended and your civilian life began, you were faced with one big decision to make: what to do next.

While there was (and may still be) much to sort out, choosing what to do next with your your career may have been the most challenging decision of them all.

Below, we share a number of video clips from fellow veterans who chose insurance as their next career path. We’re sure their stories will resonate with you, as each touches on aspects of the adjustment—transfer of military skills to the civilian workforce, work ethic instilled by military training, team work and more. 

The Possibilities Sink In—Translatable Skills Ready to Implement for Insurance

The transition from military to civilian life is a challenge—full of adjustments.

Retired Army National Guard Military General Tod touches on a few operational areas that took him some time to get used to in the video clip below.

Luckily, insurance provides a variety of opportunities for veterans to utilize developed skills to fulfill your professional needs in a meaningful way. The Ohio Insurance Institute’s military skills translator lists just a few of skills veterans hold that could be incredibly powerful when put toward a career in insurance, including: 

  • Experience as a team leader.
  • Proven ability to think critically and make decisions.
  • Understanding of team dynamics, and evidence of being a team player, or someone who supports the interests and goals of others.

All of these skills are not only sought-after, but are also highly valued in the professional world.

The latest Veterans Talent Index survey report states 67 percent of respondent companies noted veteran hires as a core part of their talent acquisition strategy.

Army National Guard Lt. Colonel Kevin helps to explain why below, and shows how the skills veterans develop in combat can be readily translated to corporate culture. 

A Relatable Profession — Full of Service to Protect the Community

As United States Army Captain Jeanetta says in the videos shared below, one of the best aspects of working in insurance is working in a profession of shared values. She says:

“In the military you protect freedoms. In insurance you protect the items that matter most—whether it’s their family, or their car or their house.” 

As you begin your career in insurance, we hope you’ve begun to see the parallels between established values in military service and insurance industry, as well as how rewarding a career in the profession can be.

Watch Jeanetta speak to these topics further in the videos below.

Tell Us Your Insurance Careers Story!

Tod, Kevin and Jeanetta found incredible next steps in insurance and we hope you have too! We’d love to hear from you, and thank you for your service. 

How has the move to insurance positively impacted your professional life? 

Share your own insurance career story in the comment section below, or send us a video of your own.

Image Source: William Andrus under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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