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Reinvent Yourself and Your Career 

Career options in the insurance industry are unlimited. That makes insurance a great industry to explore if you’re looking to making a career change. If you’re at a crossroads in your career or just exploring new options, the insurance industry has a place for you.

More than 250 insurance companies in Ohio will need to fill thousands of jobs by the end of the decade. These jobs need to be filled by knowledgeable, skilled workers.

To find out where you fit into the insurance industry, take the Insurance Career Survey. You’ll find opportunities and career paths that match your skills, personal strengths and preferences.

Insurance Career Survey


With that information in hand, take the recommended career paths, and search the Ohio Means Jobs database. You can also search a directory of Ohio insurance companies (organized by region) and apply to companies that have openings in your chosen field.

Ohio Means Jobs

Ohio Insurance Companies


Educational Resources

A career in the insurance industry profession requires advanced skills and some special knowledge. The amount of training you’ll need depends on what field of insurance you are targeting, and the number of required skills you already possess.

Ohio colleges and universities are continually adding training and degree programs to help meet the growing demand for skilled insurance professionals. Whether you need a few course offerings to earn a certification or a new college degree, furthering your education in insurance has never been more convenient or affordable. 

Insurance Education Programs


Certification or Degree?

After years in the workforce, a certification might be the best match for you, providing the flexibility to enter the workforce immediately. A two or four-year degree could enable you to move up in an organization, or work in a highly specialized field of the insurance business.


Certification: If you have the skills and background to match your desired career path, you might qualify for a professional certification that will tell a potential employer you have the necessary skills. Certifications can be obtained through programs at Ohio community colleges, as well as accredited insurance industry resources.

Ohio certification programs


Degree:  A more traditional approach would be a two or four-year degree program at one of the Ohio colleges or universities.

Specialized insurance degrees


Ask a Pro

If you have questions about a possible career change to insurance, let us connect you with an insurance professional who can answer your questions.  

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