The Insurance Industry is Hiring

More than 275 insurance companies in Ohio will need to fill thousands of jobs by the end of the decade. These jobs need to be filled by knowledgeable, skilled workers.

While most people think of sales or agent positions, the career opportunities in the insurance industry are diverse and expand far beyond these positions.

Ohio Means Jobs

If you are ready to find opportunities in the insurance industry, start with a search of the Ohio Means Jobs database, which can identify opportunities in the Ohio insurance industry. The key to this search tool is to be specific. Look for positions such as claims adjuster or underwriter, risk management or actuary. This will cast a wide net and show you a variety of opportunities around the state.

Ohio Insurance Companies

If you are targeting a specific company or region of the state, the directory of Ohio insurance companies allows you to search insurance companies in a specific area of the state or statewide, and apply to companies that have openings in your chosen field.

As an Ohio military veteran, there are a number of job and career resources to help with your employment search. The Ohio Department of Veterans Services and Ohio Means Jobs Military Service Career Center, can connect you with a wide variety of services and support from the state of Ohio. These services range from employment services, to career counseling and connecting you with a veteran’s representative.

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