What do they do?

Conduct programs of compensation and benefits and job analysis for employer. May specialize in specific areas, such as position classification and pension programs.

  • Advise managers and employees on state and federal employment regulations, collective agreements, benefit and compensation policies, personnel procedures and classification programs.
  • Ensure company compliance with federal and state laws, including reporting requirements.
  • Plan, develop, evaluate, improve, and communicate methods and techniques for selecting, promoting, compensating, evaluating, and training workers.
  • Prepare occupational classifications, job descriptions and salary scales.

Basic Skills
Active Listening
Critical Thinking

Technical Skills
Operations Analysis

Social Skills
Social Perceptiveness

Systems Skills
Judgment and Decision Making
Systems Analysis
System Evaluation

Problem Solving Skills
Complex Problem Solving

Resource Management Skills
Time Management
Management of Personnel Resources
Management of Financial Resources

  • Salary range: $30,000-$90,000+
  • Education and Professional Requirements: Entry — High school degree; Mid-level—Bachelor’s degree, multiple years related work experience;  Managerial — Bachelor’s degree, multiple years of work experience
  • Possible career path: Benefits Specialist > Senior Benefits Specialist > Benefits Manager

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