Insurance Agent

insurance agent

What do they do?

Sell life, property, casualty, health, automotive, or other types of insurance. May refer clients to independent brokers, work as independent broker, or be employed by an insurance company.

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Some typical job duties include:

  • Seek out new clients and develop clientele by networking to find new customers and generate lists of prospective clients.
  • Interview prospective clients to obtain data about their financial resources and needs, the physical condition of the person or property to be insured, and to discuss any existing coverage.
  • Explain features, advantages and disadvantages of various policies to promote sale of insurance plans.
  • Call on policyholders to deliver and explain policy, to analyze insurance program and suggest additions or changes, or to change beneficiaries.

Most Important Occupational Skills:

Basic Skills

  • Active Listening
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing

Technical Skills

  • Operations Analysis
  • Operation Monitoring

Social Skills

  • Persuasion 
  • Service Orientation
  • Negotiation

 Systems Skills

  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Evaluation

Problem Solving Skills

  • Complex Problem Solving 

Resource Management Skills

  • Time Management
  • Management of Personnel Resources
  • Management of Financial Resources

Just the Facts

  • Salary range: $20,000-$100,000+
  • Education and Professional Requirements: Trainee— High school degree/GED, state licensing, short term OTJ training; Agent — Associate's degree in general business, state licensing, multiple years of work experience; Senior agent/owner — Bachelor's degree, multiple years of work experience, industry certifications
  • Possible career path: Insurance Sales Agent Trainee > Insurance Sales Agent > Insurance Sales Manager > Insurance Sales District Manger > Insurance Agency Owner

Click here to view the complete Insurance Agent Career Pathway.