Video Interviews: HR and Training

Bonnie is a benefits specialist who is in charge of explaining health insurance options to employers and their employees.


Caitlyn is a human resource intern, who is responsible for coordinating wellness program form submissions, entering information into the system and helping support on projects assigned to her within the department.

Hear more about her experience learning the insurance industry, and why she would consider making it a career. 


Claire is a senior recruiter and in charge of talent acquisition at her company. Her daily tasks include interviewing candidates and talking to individuals are who interested in joining her company, as well as discussing hiring needs with hiring managers and company leaders.

Her path to insurance came from information shared by her father, who is an insurance agent, and her interesting in considering insurance as a possible career destination. 


As an instruction designer, Edwin helps subject matter experts put engaging content together for training programs. 


Emily works within the HR department and is responsible for pay related items within the organization—bonuses, annual raises, paying different areas of the country. She deals with managers and associates, answering questions for issues related to payment.


As senior training consultant, Rick's responsibilities include agent, as well as employee, training. Rick started his insurance career in underwriting before switching to training and development. Rick said that the most fulfilling part of his job is "that quick response when you've done something. You get to see it affect the bottom line of the company." 


Sophia has held a variety of jobs and her background in public policy and communications has been a great advantage to her career. As an executive recruiter, she works with top-level executives to enter the insurance industry.