Veterans in Insurance | System Analyst

Kevin is a systems analyst for an insurance company and a Lt. Colonel in the Army National Guard. He’s also the first to tell you that he didn’t consider insurance as an option early in his career.

After years in the Army, and then IT post-enlistment, Kevin wanted a new challenge. Skeptical of a friend’s recommendation to explore insurance, he applied anyway.

Now, he couldn’t be happier—and in these candid interviews he explains the many opportunities the insurance industry has for military veterans.


In this video, Kevin talks about how the teamwork, motivation and leadership learned in the armed forces translate to a career in insurance.

“They’re looking for people who can get it done,” he says.


Insurance requires systematic problem solving. In this clip, Kevin outlines how the problem solving skills vets learn in the military make them well suited for an insurance career.


In this video, Kevin dispels the common misconception that the only opportunities in insurance are for policy agents. Insurance requires a vast support system to ensure customer satisfaction, and veterans possess the skills needed to fill these roles.


Here, Kevin explains how self-improvement—along with the resources offered by the military post-enlistment—helps vets break into and thrive in the insurance industry.