Video Interviews: Veterans

Tod is the president of a property casualty insurance company and a retired Major General in the Army National Guard.

Starting off as a claims adjuster, Tod will be the first to say he didn’t bring a wealth of insurance experience to the position. What he did bring was a military background that taught him leadership, problem solving, teamwork and how to get things done.

Here, Tod shows vets how their military experience is a valuable asset for an insurance career. 


In this video, Tod discusses his transition from military service to a job in insurance, outlining how he went from little insurance experience to a rewarding career. 


Daily crises and chaos are common when serving in the armed forces. Here, Tod candidly discusses the more deliberate nature of the insurance industry and how professionals with military experience adapt. 


In this clip, Tod explains the challenges veterans face as they enter the civilian workforce—and how their abilities to adapt and cooperate on the battlefield lead to workplace success.


Soldiers need rigorous planning processes on the battlefield. In this video, Tod discusses how skills like this help vets make an impact in an insurance career.  


“The military is focused on getting things done,” Tod says in this video, explaining just how military experience translates to success in insurance.