Veterans in Insurance: Diversity and Inclusion

Jeanetta is an associate vice president of diversity and inclusion at an insurance company, and a former Captain in the U.S. Army who served in Desert Storm.

Jeanetta didn’t enter insurance right after she left the military in 1993. Her journey took her through the logistics and transportation business first. Then, she says, insurance found her. 

In these videos, she explains how the insurance industry’s culture and values align closely with the experience and mission of those in the armed forces.


Here, Jeanetta has a message for veterans about the values and camaraderie of the insurance industry, detailing how they align with the experience of serving in the armed forces.


There is no “typical” day in the insurance industry, says Jeanetta. In this clip, she describes how each day presents exciting new challenges.

“It can change from day to day,” she says, explaining how the leadership skills she learned in the military help her succeed daily.


In this video, Jeanetta talks about the rewards of an insurance career, and how her military background helped her succeed in the industry.

“I’ve been in different industries, and this is the one that most closely aligns from a military background,” she says, describing how helping people through good and bad aligns with the mission of the armed forces. 


Here, Jeanetta discusses how the purpose, mission and leadership skills she acquired in the armed forces led her to an insurance career. The camaraderie among insurance professionals, she says, made the transition from military service to the civilian workplace easier.